Steffii is an Australian born Rapper. Her nationality is of German & Cambodian. She spent a lot of her childhood writing and singing music, with her Influences from some of the most iconic and much talented musicians like Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Cardi B & Lady Gaga.

Steffii first attracted attention playing music in venues all over Australia. With her uplifting, fierce stage presence & her unique raunchy vocals she captured the attention of the public very quickly.

Performing in Australia's very own "Fast-Track Talent Showcase" in 2018, Steffii of course wow’d the judges with her talent & she quickly made it through as a Grand Finalist.

In 2018 Steffii released her very first Single “Dirty Love” followed by a very eye catching Music Video. Not long after, in late 2019, Steffii dropped three more singles “Livin Life”, "Yolo" & “My Girl” ft Aussie Rapper and Producer 'Connor Jones'.

In early 2020 Steffii dropped her debut album 'Misfits' with 10 upbeat tracks that was solely written by Steffii herself, she worked on this project alongside her producer Connor Jones and Manager Charlene Zahra.

In early 2021 Steffii dropped her latest Single "One of a Kind" which gained media attention very quickly, and an article written from Forte Magazine came out only days after the release. Steffii has mentioned there is more new music to come in 2021.