Steffii is an Australian born Rapper. Her nationality is of German & Cambodian. She spent a lot of her childhood writing and singing music, with her Influences from some of the most iconic and much talented musicians like Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Cardi B & Lady Gaga.

Steffii first attracted attention playing music in venues all over Australia. With her uplifting, fierce stage presence & her unique raunchy vocals she captured the attention of the public very quickly.

Performing in Australia's very own "Fast-Track Talent Showcase" in 2018, Steffii of course wow’d the judges with her talent & she quickly made it through as a Grand Finalist.

In 2018 Steffii released her very first Single “Dirty Love” followed by a Raunchy Music Video to spice it up a little. Not long after, in 2019, Steffii dropped three more singles “Livin Life”, "Yolo" & “My Girl”.

“My Girl” is a collaboration track Steffii released in late 2019 with Aussie Rapper and Producer 'Connor Jones'.